Resurrecting a Degree

I graduated as an IT Engineer . A Computer Engineer specializing Information Technology. Placed in a company as a Software Engineer. Worked 4 and Half years as the same playing various roles other than a programmer. I'd quit my job to start my own venture (Not related to IT or Computer Science) . This is the story in short.

I am always fascinated by the computers. I got my hands on the computer when I was in 4th Standard. My fascination is still on, but somewhere I've lost my path to be a programmer and it was a regret I've been carrying in me for a while.

I've made numerous attempts to learn coding, though I have basic understanding of it, I have never coded anything useful. If I had to think of the hurdles that played a major role in limiting my time to code were or is a single factor I would zero in - I have n't unlearned.

This attempt will be to unlearn and learn with patience and I have chosen it because I feel this is high time. No , I may not need them, these skills in my daily life or for the business I run but I feel I should do it. If not now, then when ?




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