Are n't you Binging !

"Binging" is definitely not a word you'd find in a dictionary. It's just my way of saying Binge Watching. Not really sure if Binge Watching is a proper term. O.K now, have you ever experienced the peer pressure of watching something, you may not have had this experience of your friends or colleagues asking you to watch something amazing but you might have come across social media posts praising the 'epic'ness of these Web-series which they probably were binge watching.

I did watch some of them. Very religiously sacrificing my sleep. Skipping time zones. Spraining neck and hurting back, Been there done that.

But very recently I've also noticed that I've been reading very less than before. Reading something for 1 hour straight seems to be a tough row to hoe but watching episodes after episodes , skipping the titles and end cards seem to be like a walk in the park.

I made this decision* to stick to One Episode a day henceforth . One Episode a day sums to 25-30 hours a month. That's a whole lot of time. I can finish 3 to 4 books with this amount of time.

If you are argue they both are entertainments yes I have no comebacks for that but there is a sense of guilt after I finish more than 2 episodes in a row or saw about 3 plus episodes a day. Honestly, I am less guilty reading and in a way I feel more creative (Visually) when I read something and I have plenty to read (Paperbacks, Hardcovers, Ebooks). So yes, I am sticking to 1 or 2 episodes a day and definitely more reading in the coming days.

I am going to track my readings as well in these coming days.

*As always not sure how long will that last.


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